On a Mission to Empower All Women On Personal Safety

Who We Are

Women all over the world continue to face violent attacks and we decided that taking back our power and responsibility to protect ourselves was a necessary course of action. But there wasn't a company that catered specifically to women to teach them about personal safety and provided devices and clothing that were appropriate and vetted for use by women. Until now.

Welcome to Olivia Concealed Boutique.

We are strong women; disruptors that are paving a new way to get more women educated on safety and helping them to incorporate this is in their life. 

Our founder wanted to create a safe place for all women to learn about personal safety, provide high quality clothing and products that take the guess work out of protecting yourself, and provide simulator and live weapons training all while being surrounded by other empowered women.


Our Values

Olivia Concealed Boutique is a self defense company that believes in empowering and supporting all women. We are a company that:

  • Wants all women to protect themselves with a weapon they are the most comfortable and confident using.
  • Cares about our customers and are here to help anyway we can.
  • Continuously learns in order to provide the best education for our customers.
  • Believes in giving back to our community and helping other women learn ways to succeed.
  • Understands that what works for one woman may not work for another so we cater to each of our customers to help them develop their own unique way of incorporating personal safety.
  • Believes in concealing a weapon and not carrying off-body.
  • Likes to have fun - the world is hard enough out there, we are just women who want to support and lift up our fellow ladies.

Our Mission

Our mission is pretty simple - we are determined to educate all women on personal safety. Regardless if you choose a non-lethal, semi-lethal, or lethal weapon, something is better than nothing and we are on a mission to teach women about their options, education them about ways to defend themselves, their loved ones, and their home, and provide high quality clothing that has been vetted to conceal their choice of personal protection gear. 

Carrying a weapon is as easy as putting on your mascara.

We hope that all women will take ownership of their personal safety - we may not be able to stop violent attacks, but we can surely create one less victim.


We hope you will join us and create more empowered women!

Three women standing against a wood board wall taking a group photo.

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