About Us

Who is Olivia? And what is she concealing?

Olivia is a woman with sophisticated tastes, who cares about style and flair, and wants to protect herself without compromising her unique sense of style. She is your best friend, your sister, maybe even a mother, who is delicate yet fierce; confident and smart. 

This boutique was started to solve a problem that most women have - they want to protect themselves but either they don't know their options or they feel they need to sacrifice style to achieve personal safety. Ultimately, the lack of education can prevent a woman from knowing the right weapon for HER to use in a self-defense situation.

We simply and make the process of protecting yourself easy and fun. We offer various educational series courses for women on personal safety AND offer complete clothing collections that have been vetted to conceal successfully without sacrificing your style. Our goal is to ensure you become knowledgeable and have a plan to fit personal protection in your everyday life.

Our mission is to empower all women and have them look great at the same time. To keep their style, their femininity, their strength one amazing outfit at a time.

We are all Olivia!

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