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The many options for carrying self protection gear, what works best?

So you've made the decision to carry self protection gear. You've researched, tried them out and chosen the one(s) that you feel the most confident using. But out of the many options on how to carry, what really is the best one? Let's dig into each of the main options and find out.

1. Purses

First, the most obvious way to carry your self protection gear for a woman would to place it in a purse or a bag. While it might be the easiest choice and there are some purses that are outfitted to hold your gear, its not something we recommend for a few reasons.

  • Reason #1: You must ALWAYS keep your purse/bag in your sights and possession AT ALL TIMES. The likelihood that someone can steal your purse, find whatever item you have in there and then use it against you or use it to commit another crime. Its a huge risk and liability especially if you plan on carrying your firearm with you. 
  • Reason #2: Purses tend to be large, especially ones that can carry all of our things plus self protection gear. The first thing an attacker may grab that isn't your body would be anything you are carrying, i.e. your purse. You are more than likely carrying your purse with your arm through the loops which makes it difficult to release the purse during an attack. Those precious moments delay you from making an escape.
  • Reason #3: If you have nosy children that like to search your purse for goodies, having your self protection gear easily accessible can be extremely dangerous. Most purses are not made to carry and lock up gear so you are creating an unsafe situation by storing and carrying your self protection gear this way.

Having a great bag is useful for transporting your self protection gear to approved target practice ranges and facilities which we absolutely do recommend!

2. Keychain

If you are anything like me, I tend to collect keys and have them around for what seems like forever. My keys provide me access to lock items and can entertain my kids for bit, but having my self protection gear attached is not something we recommend either and here are the reasons why.

  • Reason #1: Keys aren't the biggest item you may own and if you are storing your keys in your purse, more than likely they get lost in the vast space or hidden under the rest of your items. In the midst of an attack, time is of the essence. You can't tell your attacker to hold on a minute while you rummage through your belongings to fumble with your keys to eventually use your self protection gear. It just won't happen.
  • Reason #2: Keys can also be lost, and if your self protection gear is attached, they will also be lost. 
  • Reason #3: Because space is an issue, you are limited to the kinds of self protection that can be attached. 

3. Waistband Holster

These holster are a great choice for conceal carrying a firearm. However they do have some drawbacks that we wouldn't recommend in certain situations.

  • Reason #1: The pants you were makes a huge difference. Anything without a belt loop and structure at the top is just not going to cut it for these items. You won't have the secure feeling because of the flexibility in the fabric on those bottoms and it can increase the risk of an unintentional discharge. Plus, firearms can be heavy and will weigh down your bottoms if the fabric is lighter like in yoga/exercise pants.
  • Reason #2: You will need a good, hefty belt to secure the holster. Yes, wearing tighter jeans can be helpful for making your firearm more secure but normal movement can still run the risk of the firearm holster detaching and creating an unsafe situation. The type of belt needs to be a thick and sturdy belt. Unfortunately those cute, skinny, leather belts just don't cut it.
  • Reason #3:  You are limited on the types of self protection gear you can carry. A firearm, maybe a smaller size taser and sometimes a can of pepper spray or knife. But not all holsters are built to accommodate more than one type of weapon. If firearms are not your choice of gear, then holsters are a definite out.

4. Belly Bands/Corset Holsters

If you are looking for the maximum space, the safest way to conceal carry all of your self protection gear, then using a belly band or corset holster would be the better option for you. With its many pockets and some have built in trigger guards, you can safely wear and hide your gear. They come in many sizes and colors for a discreet and sometimes sexy look. Also, they are secure to your body and eliminate the potential of being disarmed by an attacker or curious children. But here are some drawbacks.

  • Reason #1: Not all belly band holsters are built the same. Making sure that you have some that has clips vs Velcro as its way to connect is important. The Velcro ones have a tendency to come undone if they are put under consistent tension. 
  • Reason #2: Bigger guns tend to be harder to conceal properly due to their size compared to the section allotted for your firearm. Also, using a smaller size taser will be the only one you can truly conceal carry. Picking the correct fit for your top will be important to not create an imprint of your weapon(s).
  • Reason #3: If you don't practice drawing your weapon, your response rate against an attacker will be diminished. 


Although there are pros and cons for each time of item used for conceal carry, picking the one that offers the most security and safety is going to be important for protecting you in your everyday life. We recommend and choose clothing for our collections for belly band type and waistband holsters. The ones that offer the most control of your gear and can easily trained on to offer you the most self protection.

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