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Gun owning women are on the rise

According to a recent study by the National Firearms Survey that presents top-line results and summary statistics, their results concluded that 42% of women own firearms. Almost half of the women in the US could potentially be gun-owning, gun-wearing, individuals. So what's the reason?


1. Is the world a more dangerous place?

When the pandemic caused more women to stay at home, safety became a concern when stories of increased crime was making its way through quiet suburban neighborhoods. Along with the division we currently see our country, the desire to have more control over your safety has been making its way up the priority list for some. But why a weapon and not just good old self-defense? There are many options a woman can choose to defend herself, but if they are like me, I am not the strongest, not the biggest, and more than likely I'm exhausted from a long work week and chasing around my children. Although exercise and healthy eating are components of my life, making it to those self defense courses isn't something I do often. But I shouldn't have to be limited on my options to protect myself and I believe the other 42% of women feel the same. We want a powerful statement of protection, to be quickly used in a tough situation. The peace of mind that you have the upper hand in the fight against any attacker. 


2. What about the non-lethal forms of self-protection?

If I could yell my way out of an attack, I gladly would. The reality is that most people wouldn't respond to screams or yells and would continue on minding their own business. Attackers more than not, wouldn't listen to your screams and pleads anyway. And if you aren't actively brushing up on your escape from bear hug attack or hammer strikes, you might be a more vulnerable target. Same thing with the types of clothes you wear. Those hip-hugging skirts and structured jackets look amazing but don't offer the best maneuverability in a fighting situation. So what other options are there? Pepper spray is a great non-lethal option. Easily concealed on your person, must you still must train with it on the regular. Better training if you can learn to fight after being sprayed with the substance. If you aren't prepared, you could land yourself in a situation where your attacker can use your weapon against you, so training can help. Another option - tasers. They can also be concealed quite well and again require some training. 


3. What about the lethal forms of self-protection?

Its certainly a personal choice to conceal carry any self-protection gear, but especially ones that are lethal. Knowing how and when to use your weapon is the most important factor in carrying a lethal weapon. A wise person once told me that behind every bullet fired is a team of lawyers. Owning a firearm is not for everyone, and that's okay! It's not the only way to protect yourself and some locations are restricted on the use and carry of firearms and/or lethal forms of protection.  After all, the consequences are potential serious bodily injury or death. Hopefully, not your own. But carrying a gun is not your only option. Pocket knives are just as effective for close-contact attacks. Plus they make opening up packages a breeze. All jokes aside, choosing the right form of self-protection is a big decision and requires education and training. 


Taking control of your own personal safety is something that every woman should do. There are plenty of options to keep you safe and the proper training will make you feel confident that you can use your choice in whatever scenario you could potentially find yourself in. We suggest to try them all, practice with them, ask lots of questions.

The best form of protection is the one you feel confident using.

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