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Fall trends to wear and how to conceal carry

Fall is upon us and this years trend are certainly here to make their mark. Let's take a look at this fall's major trends and how you can successfully wear them and conceal carry at the same time.

1. Cable Knit Sweaters

These sweaters scream comfort. Perfect for the cooler weather and with some many styles, you can find one or many that speak to you. Just watch out for the knit spacing, any large gaps will make the sweater see-through and others will be able to see what you are carrying. Also, mind the length. Although those short sweaters that hit at the hip are cute, they can be harder to conceal with. Lastly, make sure that you aren't wearing a style that is too fitted - the goal is comfy with these sweaters but the lighter weight ones can cause an imprinting issue.

2. Tailored effect

Looking to rock a new blazer this fall? This tailored effect is all about the structured look. Clean likes and a better fit, the blazers can be great to add an additional layer of concealment. The drawbacks - make sure the fabric and fit isn't too tight or rigid. You want to be able to move effectively if you were to be attacked and some of those blazers can be a bit restricting. 

3. Saturated Colors

Tired of the same old neutrals? This look is full of fun and will brighten up any gloomy day! Saturated colors like red, green, blue, yellow are all the rage. Pick a top that is flowy and loose, to remain stylish and be able to conceal carry. The bright colors attract attention; our tops make sure its attracting the right kind.

4. Prints - Florals, Plaids, Patchwork

What is fall without a splash of plaid? Consistent for many years, its a nice touch that this year florals are still big in the realm of print. Looking to achieve this style? Feminine and flowy floral tops, a relaxed fit plaid and patchwork button-downs will allow you to look amazing and conceal carry. 

5. Bridgerton Inspired Looks

Add some lace, tulle, and ruffles and you will look like you are part of the cast with this year's Bridgerton inspired looks. Puffy sleeves can also make this style achievable. Our suggestion - shirts that have a more relaxed feel will be able to conceal carry any gear.

6. Puffy Outerwear

Looking for the ultimate comfort? The puffy outwear is like stepping outside wrapped in a cloud. This look can certainly allow you to easily conceal carry. Just make sure that you train while wearing the jacket to understand your potentially limiting movements. 

7. Leather

Still have a leather jacket collecting dust in the closet? Dust it off and join this fall's fun trend. Along with the puffy outerwear, leather jackets can be a great addition to conceal carrying. Just make sure you break in the leather because the rigidness can make movements a bit restricted.

8. Cutouts

Wanting to rock the cutout look? We suggest that the cutouts remain up top near the shoulders. Any lower cutouts will give away your ability to conceal carry. Also, having a loose-fit top will also help complete the look. 

9. Futuristic trends

Shiny and full of sequins, this look is another fun one that can make date nights sizzle. With some many options, achieving this look will certainly be easy. Our flowy sequined tanks can help you achieve the look and still conceal carry.

10. Slope Style

A look for those who want to embrace the ski lodge earlier this season, the slope style with its fair isle sweaters is the look for you. We suggest to ensure the sweaters are a looser fit to be able to conceal properly. 


This fall has some great style trends that you'd be able to wear any and all without fear of not being able to conceal carry. With a bit of effort and ensuring the fit works well for your self protection gear, you can keep being stylish.

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